Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Special No Pugs Edition

For those of you who don't know already, my father and I recently embarked on a mission to start shaving the old fashioned way, with a brush, lather, and an straight-up razor blade. We didn't quite go whole hog and buy straight razors and strups, but a safety razor can still fuck your face up pretty good, as you can see in this picture taken a few weeks back:

eat shit and die

My dad's been having more success back in Brainerd, and just today I finally got some of the excellent results he's been raving about. I had a pretty nasty beard. It was so long I was considering growing it out and starting a beard club with Sam, because generally the longer your whiskers are the trickier, and bloodier, the shave.

I was a little worried stepping out of the shower today, but after three passes and one tiny nick, I had the best shave of my life. This photo isn't really high enough resolution, as you cannot actually touch my chin through your computer screen, but if you compare with the above image perhaps you can get some idea of how wicked smooth my face was this morning.

flawless victory
In other news: