Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Saturday, April 12, 2008

Big Trouble In Haters Ball

I fear this blog is in its dark age. I have lost total faith in it and I believe that only one man can resurrect it... Jack Burton. I recently had a hideous high ankle sprain that put me completely out of commission for three days. In those three days I watched Big Trouble In Little China about five times. This movie catapulted into my top ten in one short week. It has everything, action, comedy, suspense, romance.... and above all, Jack Burton. Jack starts by driving a load of live pigs to San Francisco Chinatown to be butchered. On the way he speeds through a heavy rainstorm while talking on his CB radio while eating a massive wall martish looking sub. When he arrives all hell breaks loose. Today my pal Ryan Petagno and I mounted a 102 inch antenna to my car and hooked up a CB to it. After watching this movie you may be inspired to do the same.... So if you ever hear somebody on channel 19 rambling on about nothing in particular claiming to be Jack Burton it's probably me. So there it is... I refuse to believe that the internet can be as fun as cruisin' up the road with a CB in your hand harassing truckers just for the hell of it.